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I'm Anuja Jain from Bombay & I've passionately put together

a Food-Design & Illustration Studio!

Food Packaging + Design + Illustrations

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Food Labels

Let us make your jars and products distinct with our custom illustrations & clear food labels.

Let's make sure your customers are well informed and impressed!

For Bicycle Kitchen's vegan range of nut-butters, we created customised illustrations and colours

as a unique tool to make some these importantingredients get a distinct look on the shelf!

Creating Concerted Packaging

Is it true? or it is true! people eat with their 

eyes first!

Our designs are tailored to reflect the 

decadent nature of focal (here-chocolates!)

and leave a lasting impression on your c


Our packaging also ensures freshness and 

protection, making it the perfect choice for 

gifts or personal indulgences.

Let us help your brand make a statement.

Festive, colorful packaging - for all 

your sweet treats!

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Illustrated Recipes


A few recipes that are close to your heart - 

grandma's pickle or dad's mincemeat pie, get

it as an illustrated from us - in watercolour

poster and have it on your memory wall 


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Illustrated Posters & Cards

a Poster or a card : Illustrated by hand and made into ART PRINTS!

Our Posters are sure to make you feel happy.

The high quality Posters help make your space a happy one!



Write your query, we'll get in touch with you :)

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