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Wild Food Festival Poster (10 by 12 inches)

Wild Food Festival Poster (10 by 12 inches)


This poster is my attempt to take you a WILD FOOD FESTIVAL held by OOO Farms and The Locavore at Mumbai. This is an attempt for you to get an overview of the festival and bring smile to your face :)

Ps. It happens every year! 🙃


Drawing material used : Pen and Ink. Scanned and digitized for best printable outcome.


I have CREATED a High Definition PDF as a printable. As soon as you complete your purchase, I will email you the files too.


Best printed on Archival Paper & Ink.


Print Size : 10 inches by 12 inches (height). You can also proportionally print it smaller.


The poster will go well in your dining room, living room or a study.

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